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“The Florena Curve vodka is extremely smooth and excellent. I highly recommend it.”

- Mike Tomlin

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Cucumber Mint Martini

FLORENA vodka elevates this classy and refreshing cocktail with it's origins of American-grown organic yellow corn, distilled 6 times and filtered using coconut shell granular activated carbon charcoal.

   - 2 oz of FLORENA organic vodka
  - 1.5 oz of cucumber mint simple syrup
  - 0.5 oz of Green Chartreuse 
  - 0.5 oz of Lime Juice
  - 3 drops of Mint Bitters

From 1k to almost a million followers, FLORENA satisfies all!

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We are an Armenian family-owned business with headquarters in Pittsburgh and main production facility, bar and restaurant in Washington, Pennsylvania, just a half hour south of the city.

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